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This catches you right in the heart. A great speech about what really matters…


The inspirational movies that Richard Curtis makes…love these : )

I can’t wait to watch ‘About Time!’

So thankful we have schools like this…our words inspire…our words create positive change

This is so so sweet…

A True Cowboy…Buck (Documentary 2012)

What an amazing documentary that I had forgotten about. It reminded me of a quote that I came across quite some time ago, but stuck with me…

“If you try to break a horse, you may be able to ride it, but the horse will have lost its spirit. If you discover how to be in true relationship with a horse, it will give you the gift of its wildness and speed.”

This documentary is truly inspiring…

My Sweetheart… <3 "The Lumineers Ho Hey"

I’m in ❤ with this song and video…Silver LInings Playbook pulls at your heart, if you haven’t seen it, it’s one flick worth checking out. : )

The Beautiful thing about being a woman…

“The Women”

I just watched this movie for the first time probably since it came out in 2008. I loved this behind the scenes clip that follows the credits at the very end… ❤

Here’s Meg Ryan with her daughter debuting as the designer at her first fashion show…a beautiful moment for Meg’s character. : )Capture2

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