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Lanterns Sparkle…


One day I’m going to have lights like these… : ) I absolutely LOVE sunsets and this bright and beautiful lattern setting is near the beach–my kind of place. : )

Anytime I’m in HomeGoods or any furniture store I find that I’m completely attracted to these lattern lights so apparently I’m meant to live near the beach and have LOTS of these…

Cheers to a lovely, bright, and beautiful night.


Cozy space with bougainvillea flowers…

Cozy space with bougainvillea flowers...

Bougainvillea fuchsia-colored flowers AND a cozy fire place…I had to share this cozy space. ❤

Happy Birthday via eCard… : )

Okay…I have to…share

I’ve sent eCards in the past, I know it’s a bit of a cop-out or just a plain lazy way to wish someone a happy birthday. Regardless, it’s the thought that counts so given my current circumstances (experiencing a severe budget restraint) going back to school…I have to be EXTRA thoughtful : ).

For my brother’s birthday today I decided to send this card from ‘‘ greeting cards…


I like how it looks like a real envelope, you can actually see it being delivered to a virtual mail box prior to opening it which is pretty cool, (I thought).


Finally…”James!” the b-day card can be viewed..: )

Stay tuned…


And the final message is delivered, only three quick clicks and a virtual beer is awaiting… : )

I’ll be using this eCard service again…

Pomogranate Peach

Pomogranate Peach

I had to upload this–my mom is in a full-fledged sketching zone using oil pastels. This one is abstract and I love the colors! Hence the name…’Pomogranate Peach’ : )

Lights on water

Lights on water

Enchanting harbor lights… If I had a boat, I would definitely decorate it with lights like these : )

Get ready for Collage LOVE… : )

Get ready for Colllage LOVE... : )

I downloaded the app called ‘pic collage‘ and got a little carried away…I found out you can only choose 30 pics before getting an error message that says something like, ‘No more!” : )

I had made a vision board back in 2006 and decided I needed a new one and the pic collage app gave me an excuse. These are some things that I’d like to have more of or just simply have in my life. The puppy was really my inspiration to begin this collage love madness.

Anyhow, I love all these things and more…

Here’s to visualizing what you want because they say that’s good to do. : )

“Barnyard Scene” painting by Mom


My mom’s cousin bought one of her paintings at her winter show called the “Barnyard scene.” She just emailed over a pic of what it looks like hung in her kitchen!

It fits right in with her red checkered country-kitchen theme AND now she gets to look at a cute family of chickens every morning : )

Here’s a close up of the “Barnyard scene”…my fav part is the baby chick who’s chasing a ladybug : )


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