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The inspirational movies that Richard Curtis makes…love these : )

I can’t wait to watch ‘About Time!’


And this cover brought a tear to me eye…Lennon & Maisy – Ho Hey (The Lumineers) NASHVILLE

Such as sweet scene in the tv series ‘Nashville‘ that comes on Wednesday nights on ABC or you can watch it online at

I just happened to check one of my absolute favorite bloggers website today Pioneer Woman, and stumbled on this enchanting cover of the Lumineers song Ho Hey which I’m sure you can now tell I’m obsessed with : ) If you don’t check out the tv series this video is so worth listening to…I love the happiness in Rayna’s eyes as she listens to her daughters sing their hearts out on stage…

Dreams Come True–All They Need Is You…

Dreams Come True--All They Need Is You...

I’ve only just previewed this book, but love the theme. : ) Mike Dooley writes notes for the universe–an amazing gift he gives to thousands of people each and everyday. I subscribe to his notes and have a present in my inbox everyday that inspires and puts a smile on my face. A great leader, Mike Dooley just came out with this children’s book on amazon so I have to share the <3…


A short preview of the book…

“Say what you need to say”

I’ve been searching for a community based unit that might be a good option for the last term of my credential program…and came across this project.

I love how it promotes health and allows kids to be creative and inspire others.

They get to say what they mean to say… : )

And this video just makes me smile… : )

“It’s better to say too much than never to say what you mean to say…”

“Stories are the thing that the universe is made of…”

“Stories are the thing that the universe is made of as a poet said…And people are in fact stories that as each day of your life passes by another page is turned—you are a story worth telling…”   ❤

-Jerry Spinelli

I love these words by Mr. Spinelli… : )

Jerry Spinelli–Stargirl

This book (Stargirl) inspires regardless of one’s age. A true testament to the importance of following your heart–and listening to what you believe. A great coming of age story–Jerry Spinelli is a masterful story teller. I implemented a literature unit using this book for a 6th grade classroom–they were engaged and interested which is sometimes hard to accomplish with “too cool” 6th graders.  : )

Monterey Bay Aquarium–website


My nephew absolutely loves this website. He especially liked trying to identify the different fishes/sea creatures from Finding Nemo which we watched as we surfed the site. Such a great educational resource for kids, and an absolute must see aquarium–you can’t go wrong at Monterey Bay.

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