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The inspirational movies that Richard Curtis makes…love these : )

I can’t wait to watch ‘About Time!’


Cozy space with bougainvillea flowers…

Cozy space with bougainvillea flowers...

Bougainvillea fuchsia-colored flowers AND a cozy fire place…I had to share this cozy space. ❤

Happy Birthday via eCard… : )

Okay…I have to…share

I’ve sent eCards in the past, I know it’s a bit of a cop-out or just a plain lazy way to wish someone a happy birthday. Regardless, it’s the thought that counts so given my current circumstances (experiencing a severe budget restraint) going back to school…I have to be EXTRA thoughtful : ).

For my brother’s birthday today I decided to send this card from ‘‘ greeting cards…


I like how it looks like a real envelope, you can actually see it being delivered to a virtual mail box prior to opening it which is pretty cool, (I thought).


Finally…”James!” the b-day card can be viewed..: )

Stay tuned…


And the final message is delivered, only three quick clicks and a virtual beer is awaiting… : )

I’ll be using this eCard service again…

Pomogranate Peach

Pomogranate Peach

I had to upload this–my mom is in a full-fledged sketching zone using oil pastels. This one is abstract and I love the colors! Hence the name…’Pomogranate Peach’ : )



This is such a great space. The lighting is beautiful, warm, and inviting  : )

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