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42 The True Story of an American Legend – Jackie Robinson

“Maybe tomorrow we’ll all wear ‘42’—that way they won’t tell us apart.”…<3

-Pee Wee Reese

Here’s one of many great scenes in this film. : ) This must see movie is full of passion and inspiration. It really hit home for me just how incredible Mr. Jackie Robinson was and remains today. Also, I just learned that April 15th is the day that all major league baseball players wear the number ‘42’ to commemorate Jackie Robinson’s first game played in Major League Baseball.

Here’s a great background clip to check out about the Dodgers and Robinson’s legacy


Every once in a while amid all the randomness…

Every once in a while amid all the randomness...

From the movie, “The Switch,” a film that didn’t necessarily receive a lot of attention but stuck with me…

Here’s the line that resonated for me…

“Every once in a while amid all the randomness something unexpected happens and it pushes us all forward…And the truth is, what I’m starting to think…what I’m starting to feel…is that maybe, the human race…isn’t a race at all.”

-The Switch (2010)



P.s. Love Jason Bateman’s smile… : )


If you your not living on the edge…

This quote was shared with me by a really good college buddy…

“If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.”

I thought of this quote this morning maybe because I’m in the middle of making a decision. Anyhow, I couldn’t quite remember how it went so first remembered it as….

“If you’re not having fun, you’re taking up too much space.”

And that’s when I thought of this clip… : )

Pixar Short “La Luna” – Shooting Star Clip

I woke up thinking about this film–maybe inspired by the Disney movies I watched with my nephews yesterday. : )

I equate Disney with magical dreams and the land of imagination and this pixar short film captures just that…at least for me.

Cheers to dreaming big and going for what we want in 2013.

Donell Jones – I’ll Go (Love & Basketball Soundtrack)


For some reason I’m finding myself remembering or being attracted to music and movies that I haven’t thought of for a very long time. Maybe the New Year being right around the corner is bringing up all these little memories…reconnecting me with material that jives with my heart.

Whatever it is…I like it.

Love and Basketball goes down as one of my all time favorite films. It’s definitely not a go to movie, meaning one that I’ll watch over and over again, but it’s one I’ll never forget.

What can I say, spalding is close to my heart : )

Crazy Heart – “Fallin’ and Flying”

I love Jeff Bridges in the movie Crazy Heart. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth checking out. It’s a heartfelt cowboy kind of movie about life, with all it’s highs and lows. I think this one will go on my “movies to see again” list. : )

“Les Miserables” – EXCELLENT Movie!!!

(you have to click through to YouTube to actually view this video, sorry about that)

I’m just back from seeing Les Miserables. The entire theater gave a round of applause at the end which I hadn’t experienced at the movie theaters for quite some time, so for me it was a testament to it’s greatness. : )

I was so impressed by the actors–how beautifully they brought the story to life through music. The amount of emotion that went into each role made it easy to feel both their pain and joy.

Nevertheless, I feel compelled to post because of Anne Hathaway’s rendition of ‘I Dreamed a Dream.’ She reminded me of Susan Boyle’s performance on Britain’s Got Talent so hold onto your seat while I take you you back to 2009…

Presenting Susan Boyle…

P.s. I love the surprise and joy radiating from the judges faces

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