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This catches you right in the heart. A great speech about what really matters…


The inspirational movies that Richard Curtis makes…love these : )

I can’t wait to watch ‘About Time!’

So thankful we have schools like this…our words inspire…our words create positive change

A True Cowboy…Buck (Documentary 2012)

What an amazing documentary that I had forgotten about. It reminded me of a quote that I came across quite some time ago, but stuck with me…

“If you try to break a horse, you may be able to ride it, but the horse will have lost its spirit. If you discover how to be in true relationship with a horse, it will give you the gift of its wildness and speed.”

This documentary is truly inspiring…

Life is So Peculiar…

This is one of my absolute favorite songs…not sure why but it always helps me focus (which can be tricky sometimes) when I’m working on a project or just need to get down to business. I love how simple and true it is.

As with most music, I stumbled across it though watching a good movie–but this movie isn’t just good, it’s soooo classically good and a timeless love story…


My Sweetheart… <3 "The Lumineers Ho Hey"

I’m in ❤ with this song and video…Silver LInings Playbook pulls at your heart, if you haven’t seen it, it’s one flick worth checking out. : )

The Beautiful thing about being a woman…

“The Women”

I just watched this movie for the first time probably since it came out in 2008. I loved this behind the scenes clip that follows the credits at the very end… ❤

Here’s Meg Ryan with her daughter debuting as the designer at her first fashion show…a beautiful moment for Meg’s character. : )Capture2

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