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That Christmas song that I look forward to listening to every year…Love this : )


I LOOOOOOVE this….so magical : )

25 Tips to improve your life!

Inspiring tips! I could definitely try using a few more of these myself. Check ’em out!

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1. Wake up at 5:00 AM everyday.

2. Print out a 6 month calendar and put it on your wall. Keep track of family and friend events, pay dates, charitable donation due dates, your workout plan, etc.

3. Only watch TV on the weekends.

4. Never watch TV while you eat.

5. Eat more Kale, Spinach and blueberries.

6. Have the salad as the entree and not the appetizer.

7. Work out before you go to work. (Run, jog, stretch, yoga, etc.)

8. Eat out much less and cook more.

9. Take a cooking class.

10. Take an art class.

11. Be the most respectful and courteous person you know.

12. Be the most inspiriting and positive person you know.

13. Learn to listen, instead of just waiting to respond.

14. Put yourself first.

15. Increase your value by being able to increase other peoples value.

16. Demonstrate yours…

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Start Before You Are Ready

❤ this advice, so true!

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Start before you are ready. Most people spend their entire lives waiting. Most people are convinced that after they get, do and have just this ‘one last thing’ that they will be ready to undertake a new venture or a new opportunity. For the overwhelming majority, that day never comes.

Opportunity comes to those who create their own luck by taking action. Yes patience is important and you can’t just jump on every initial opportunity that presents itself. However, always remember that you will never have, do or become what you want unless you start. Life and time do not wait for anyone. The best time to start IS ALWAYS NOW!

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What do Risk, Personal Growth and Flowers all have in common?

Love this…
” If you look at what a flower does – regardless of where it’s planted, it will attract the necessary resources to it, with its values and beliefs…”

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We will all reach the day where we have to decide between the risk of doing what we have always done or the risk of doing something we never dreamed we were capable of. We will all have to decide between the risk of settling and playing it safe with the risk of seeing what we are truly made of.

If we look at the laws of nature along with what this quote art image is alluding to – if the flower wanted to, it could have stopped at the bud, since it  was already a foot or so out of the soil! At that point the flower could have said, “I’m Good, I need to go no further!” But that’s not what flowers do! If you look at what a flower does – regardless of where it’s planted, it will attract the necessary resources to it, with its values…

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